Trevor Belmont

Although for fans Simon Belmont started it all, for the longest time everyone assumed Trevor Belmont started the clan of vampire hunters. Credited as the originator of the clan until the release of Castlevania Legends, Trevor was the oldest known Belmont vampire hunter for much of the series run. Of course, later games then changed that, but even still, Trevor helped set the tone for the clan for years to come.

Plus, from a historical perspective, Trevor did help to establish one key detail: Dracula's resurrection every 100 years. His adventure occurred, in the timeline, 100 years before Christopher Belmont had to take up the whip, and with Christopher fighting Dracula 100 years before Simon had to, it established a legacy that was in effect for the rest of the series -- Dracula was coming back every 100 years, and while his minions could work to influence that, once Dracula was in the ground, set a timer because we all know the year he'll return.

Not that Trevor was all that different from Simon at first blush. Some magazines mistakenly reported Castlevania III as the third adventure for Simon (much like they had for The Castlevania Adventure) and it's easy to see why: built on a similar engine to the first games, the game features a hero that looks and moves like Simon. Without reading the instruction manual or watching the intro, you might never have a clue who the hero of the game really was. But hey, that just shows the Belmont genes are strong, right?

Of course once the series rebooted with the Lords of Shadow saga, Trevor's own history drastically changed. No longer the current Belmont to take up the whip once 100 years had passed (or, at least, the first to see that rule go into effect), Trevor was the son of new-series anti-hero, Gabriel Belmont. Trevor then follows his father down the rabbit hole, getting embraced and becoming Alucard, tying together two characters that had their own connected history in the older version of the timeline...

Character History:

Castlevania: Legends

When Castlevania: Legends was released, it added a new progenitor for the clan: Sonia Belmont. Mother of Trevor, Sonia was the first to take up the whip, but she also hadn't had to time to learn all the powers the whip possessed (which is why she controls somewhat differently, with different special abilities, than later Belmonts). After she bested Dracula, though, she was chased out of Romania by villagers fearful of her power. Soon after, she gave birth to a child and passed on her powers, and the vampire hunting legacy, to her son.

What was controversial at the time, though, was that supposedly Trevor was the son of both Sonia and Alucard. Alucard shows up repeatedly in Legends, training Sonia so she'd be ready for her battle with Dracula. The implication, then is that there was a romance between the two and that, off-screen, the two got busy and produced a boy.

Of course, this was all mooted when Sonia was removed from continuity a few years later -- her spot in the timeline was removed, and the role of "first Belmont" was handed to Leon. Trevor, then, was just some guy descended from Leon who happened to inherit the whip centuries later. Nothing special there, and no implied ancestral connection to Dracula.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Of course, Dracula did come back (he always does) and the people of Romania were forced to call upon the only people that had proven at all capable of fending off the evil vampire lord and his minions: the Belmonts. Trevor, current heir to the whip, was called forth, and he ventured deep into Dracula's lands. Along the way, though, he too found help on his journey, three other heroes (Grant DaNasty, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard) that had been captured and imprisoned by Dracula, two of whom (Grant and Alucard) were forced to fight the Belmont when he showed up in their domains.

Trevor was able to free the heroes, and with their aid, explore ever deeper into Dracula's lands. Reaching the final castle, Trevor faced off with the foul demon, and though the battle was rough, Trevor emerged injured but victorious.

If Castlevania: Legends had been left in continuity, it would have added neat symmetry to the character dynamics here -- Alucard, son of Dracula, aids his own son, Trevor, in defeating his father. Three generations fighting an unending battle, which is pretty poetic in a way.

Now, one detail that we included but isn't in the original game is that Trevor gets injured by Dracula during the final battle (although anyone that has been able to play the game on a no-damage run may contest that). He ends up scarred, both across his back and on his face. In fact, in Castlevania: Judgment, Trevor wears an eye-patch over one side of his face, implying he lost his eye completely during the battle.

This actually puts the next two games in a weird position for the character's timeline -- although Judgment is said to occur for Trevor after Curse of Darkness, Trevor has both eyes (and no eye-patch) in Curse, leading to the question of what happened to the eye since that game? If the eye was still healing (if Judgment came first) the eye-patch might make sense, but as it stands, it's a weird detail that doesn't quite line up.

It's also worth noting that, officially, Trevor and Sypha Belnades get married, adding the Belnades magic into the clan (this will manifest, down the road, with Juste Belmont and his various powers).

To note, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse did receive one remake, a cellphone-only edition. From what we can find, the game was largely the same as the original, just modified to work on mobile devices.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Three years after the events of Dracula's Curse the land still seems to be in peril. Despite Dracula's defeat, the dark magic has continued to pour out from his castle ruins. This spreading plague of darkness has been getting worse, causing the prosperous lands of Romania to fall back under Dracula's dark spell.

Searching the countryside, Trevor learned of a cult devoted to Dracula, worshipers of his power who had aided the dark lord in times past. Tracking through the countryside, Trevor confronted one of these cultists, Hector, only to realize after a brief battle that Hector wasn't working for Dracula but, instead, was on a similar path as the Belmont -- namely to find the one truly responsible for the terrible deeds that had so recently befell the land.

Searching separately, but in the end working together, Trevor and Hector made their way into the Abandoned Castle, only to be confronted by Issac, the Devil Forgemaster and leader of the dark cult. Trevor is left mortally wounded by the encounter but sends Hector ahead to take out Hector and stop Dracula's true resurrection from happening.

Thankfully Trevor is saved by Julia Laforeze, younger sister of Issac, who has been working behind the scenes to try and stop her brother and his insane plans.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Trevor is one of many heroes to appear in the large, crossover title Grimoire of Souls, and the last of the heroes summoned forth (although he is mentioned in the very first chapter of the game). In this adventure, multiple heroes get resurrected by the power of the Grimoires, powerful books seemingly tied to Dracula's magic. It is thought that, somehow, the books could be used to bring back the Dark Lord (despite his soul living on, reincarnated into the good-natured lad Soma Cruz). However, things aren't what they seem when someone in the order devoted to the books starts tapping into the dark magic, seemingly to awaken those dark magics.

Pulled out of the books by Lucy Westenra, a librarian of the order, the heroes have to band together and go into the various volumes, exploring each of the past times when Dracula rose up and then was defeated. This puts them in direct opposition, it would seem to the dark sorceress (and one time librarian) Hermina. She stole some of the books before and everyone in the order assumed she was the one attempting to resurrect Dracula. This was only made more obvious when she showed up with a seemingly mind-controlled Soma, in his Dark King form, ready to steal the vital souls from the various volumes.

As it was soon revealed, though, it wasn't Hermina but the leader of the order, Seward, who was behind the attempt to raise the Dark Lord. Seward was, in fact, Dracula's faithful servant Death, and with the power of the vital souls in the books Death was able to fulfill his purpose and bring about the resurrection of the true Dark Lord.

Seeing no recourse, the heroes traveled back into the oldest of the volumes, that tied to the era of Dracula's first true defeat in 1476, where they teamed up with Trevor Belmont to fight the Dark Lord and, once and for all, ensure that his dark magics were destroyed, ensuring he could never rise up again.

Grimoire of souls is a mutli-episode game released for mobile phones. Each adventure in the game featured chapters taken from other games in the series, such as an episode recreating sections of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

Castlevania: Judgment

Taking place sometime after the events of Curse of Darkness (supposedly), Trevor was drawn into a dimensional rift by a mystical traveler, Aeon. In the far future, Galamoth (evil villain and rival to Dracula) looked to defeat Dracula in the past and change history so that Galamoth came out on top. Sensing the kind of damage this could do to history (i.e., a lot), Aeon brought heroes and villains together in the rift in hopes that he could find one among them with the power and skill to stop Galamoth's plans... by pitting them against each other in combat (via a fighting tournament, naturally).

For his part, Trevor was all to happy to join in the combat -- unlike Simon (who in this game was depicted as conflicted over his family's power), Trevor was comfortable with the role he'd take on as a vampire hunter. Always up for a solid good-vs-evil fight, Trevor also viewed this is a good way to test his skill against his friends, Sonia Belnades and Alucard -- because what's friendship (and, by this time, marriage) if you can land a few blows on the ones you love?

(Of course, since it was a fighting game any one of the heroes, or villains, could have proved victorious -- the exact hero to end Galamoth's plans was never determined by Konami, so it's up in the air now if Trevor officially cast the fatal blow or not.)

Non-continuity History:

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Officially, in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Alucard has to face off against three zombies in the Inverted Coliseum -- three zombies that look like his old friends (from Castlevania III): Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Grant DaNasty. This is a nice nod to the previous title, but this isn't considered an official reappearance of Trevor (or the other two) since these are just zombie look a-likes.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Similarly, in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, the Zombie Trio make a second appearance, this time in the Nest of Evil. That area serves as a kind of "best of" for various Castlevania bosses from the Metroidvania era of the series. They don't serve any specific plot points here and, as before, these are just zombie look a-likes and not the real characters brought back to life.

Lords of Shadow History:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

While the first Lords of Shadow game focused on new series lead (and start for the clan) Gabriel Belmont, the following two games fleshed out his descendants, showing Trevor and Simon Belmont at the heights of their own vampire hunting careers.

For Trevor, his story begins before the plot of the first game even kicks off. Conceived a year before the events of Lords of Shadow, Trevor's birth was kept a secret from his father at the urging of the Brotherhood of Light (and order dedicated to wiping out the Lords of Shadow). This proved wise, saving the child, as Gabriel fell to darkness -- without this ruse, Trevor would have died along with his mother, Marie, when Gabriel (now going under the name "Dracula") returned from his quest against the Lords of Shadow.

Instead, Trevor was raised by the order to be a warrior. He also married a young woman, Sypha Belnades, and together that had a child, Simon. The Brotherhood, though, had plans for Trevor and, When the time was right, they revealed to the young vampire hunter his true lineage, explaining that is father killed his mother, and that the only way to clear the stain on his family's name would be to head to Bernhard Castle (now Dracula's Castle or, simply, Castlevania) to kill the demon lord living there.

Trevor, of course, took up the quest and headed off to the castle to face off with his vampiric father. The battle rage, but in the end Trevor was killed by Dracula. Before he died he revealed to his father who he really was: the son of the vampire lord. Bereft, Dracula tried to revive the boy by giving him some of his own blood, but it seemed too late -- the boy was dead. Dracula buried him under the name "Alucard" (since Trevor never revealed his real name).

Alucard, though, wasn't truly dead. Awakening 30 years later, the new vampire lord crawled from his grave to spy Dracula's castle still standing. Vowing to once again try to defeat his father, Alucard ventured into the castle only to encounter his own son, Simon, there as well. Simon had arrived on his own quest to defeat Dracula. Sensing the two might have been able to aid each other, Alucard assists the young Belmont, and together they face off against Dracula.

However despite seemingly defeating Dracula, Alucard notes that the vampire lord didn't die in the way a vampire normally does (Dracula dies in a splash of red light instead of, I dunno, imploding or turning to dust or crawling off screen and moaning for a few minutes -- yes, we just referenced Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Alucard, though, convinces the boy to give up the quest, and the two parted ways.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Staying close over the years, the younger vampire lord was there when the Brotherhood was defeated by Dracula years later after a failed assault against the vampire master. It was then that Alucard approached his father and explained a plan he had devised to rid the land of evil and defeat Satan once and for all. With Dracula's agreement, Alucard plunged his sword into Dracula's chest, putting the vampire to sleep for ages until the time was right to resurrect him and finish off what Gabriel had started so many centuries ago.

Finally, but the time the future rolled around, over 500 yeas later, Satan and his disciple, Zobek were in a position to finalize their plans and take over/destroy/whatever the world. Alucard had, by this point, insinuated himself into Zobek's operation, working undercover as one of his lieutenants and personal bodyguard. Under cover of darkness, Alucard removed the shard of his sword from Dracula's chest, reviving the vampire lord.

While Dracula went about, regaining his power, visions of the young Alucard, a child-like Trevor, guided Dracula on a quest to collect the shards of the Mirror of Fate. This would, eventually, restore Dracula's memories of his plan with Alucard. He then teamed up with Alucard to defeat Zobek and take on Satan. Alucard, sadly, was taken over by the soul of Satan, and had to be nearly killed to be freed of the evil force. Dracula then defeated Satan, impaling him on the Vampire Killer.

Reviving his son with his blood one again, Dracula then ignores the part of the plan where he was supposed to die to restore Gabriel's final part of the ages old quest. Instead he, and Alucard, each go on living, leaving a chance for their darkness to potentially spill, once again, across the land.

Castlevania Netflix History:

Trevor (voiced by Richard Armitage) is the main hero of the Netflix Castlevania series. A broken man, betrayed by the Church and the townspeople he was sworn to protect, Trevor is haunted by events years before when the Church came after the Belmont family. Trevor is the last survivor of the clan, carrier of the sacred whip with the charge to save the world from demons and vampires. He turned his back on his legacy, though, figuring that humanity did little for him and his family so why should he care about what happens?

Eventually, the Belmont is snapped out of his funk by the clan of Speakers (teachers and healers who traveled the world, giving aid to towns and villages) and their sorceress, Sypha Belnades. He eventually teams up with the sorceress (as well as the half-vampire, Alucard) to take on both the evil of the Church and, then, the forces of Darkness lead by Dracula.

This leads the heroes, by the second season, to head to the old Belmont estates. There, Trevor promised, existed the knowledge needed to take on Dracula and stop his evil reign. Though the estates themselves had been burned down, the library the family had amassed, it's whole collection of treasures and knowledge, had been seals in the crypts beneath the estate, magically protected against intruders. With Sypha's aid, the heroes were able to enter the crypts and seek out the knowledge they needed.

Eventually Sypha figured out a way to control Dracula's own castle (which could move around the countryside via clockwork and magic). With Alucard's aid, Sypha magically grabbed a hold of the castle (via a magic scrying mirror), and transported the castle on top of the Belmont keep. The two handled this while Trevor had to fight off the forces off Dracula, who had come to the Belmont estate to finish off the last of the clan and defeat anyone that might stop Dracula's plans.

Once the monsters were defeated, and Dracula's castle was permanently affixed atop the Belmont lands, the heroes then ventured into Castle Dracula where they fought off the vampire's lieutenants before, eventually, taking on the master vampire himself. Any one of the heroes would have been no match for the vampire, but together their powers proved greater. The battle raged from the front hall through the many levels of the castle before, in the end, Dracula was defeated. The heroes had been successful and humanity was saved from extinction at the hands of the Prince of Darkness.

With the castle stuck in Belmont territory, Trevor ended up bequeathing his hold to Alucard, leaving the half-vampire as the protector of all of the Belmont knowledge along with Dracula's own considerable libraries. Then Trevor and Sypha ventured off together to try and find the rest of her clan.

The third season of the series finds Trevor and Sypha riding together across the countryside, fighting Night Creatures while they searched for the rest of her clan. Although they could find no trace of the Speakers, they did stumble upon the town of Lindenfeld, a little hamlet with its own issues. Having killed the Night creatures outside of town, Trevor and Sypha were hailed as heroes, but it did also gain them then attention from the Judge, overseer of the town, and Saint Germain, a con man (who secretly had real magical power), as well as Prior Sala, the leader of the monks in town who seemed none to happy to have Night Creature-killing heroes around.

As it turned out, months before (when Dracula was waging his campaign against the humans, sending Night Creatures out into every corner of the world), a hulking Night Creature (known simply as the Visitor) came to Lindenfeld. The monks, having seen the evil Dracula was perpetrating, had lost their faith in God and when this beast came to them, sending words into their heads telepathically, they found themselves with a new god to worship. As Trevor and Sypha investigated the town they found many clues about the fate of this massive Night Creature, and just what influence it had on the monks in town. These monks had changed their holy symbols, to that of alchemical symbols representing the alchemical symbol for Hell, and were etching the symbol for "change" all around town. Whatever they were up to, Trevor and Sypha feared, it wasn't good.

Taking their evidence to the Judge, the leader of Lindenfeld agreed and promptly went about gathering his men. However, before they could launch an attach on the priory, the monks made their move. Chanting before the beast they put their spell into action. All the symbols around town flared to life, burning all the denizens of the town in their homes, sending their flaming souls to the massive beast the monks had beneath their holy building. This allowed the Night Creature to open a gateway into Hell itself in an attempt at summoning Dracula back to the mortal plane. It also unleashed a horde of demons from Hell, eager and willing to fight the heroes as the Dark Lord was resurrected.

Trevor and Sypha, with Saint Germain in tow, were forced to fight their way through the demons, down into the crypt under the priory. There, Trevor and Sypha held back the demons while Saint Germain worked his magic to close the rift (keeping Dracula back from the mortal world). Once the rift was closing, Saint Germain bid his new associates farewell, diving into the rift to search out a lover who had once disappeared into the series of connecting rifts, the Infinite Corridor. Trevor and Sypha just had to finish off the great Night Creature, which they managed, wiping the demonic taint from the priory.

When the heroes went back outside they found the town completely ruined, everyone dead. On his back, bleeding to death, the Judge asked that the heroes burn his house without going inside it as a last act of kindness. He also explained that he'd sent the fleeing Prior Sala down a secret path through the woods. Following the path, the heroes found Sala dead in a spike pit, surrounded by the bones of so many other dead (including the bones of children). Going to the Judge's house, they went inside suspecting the worst, and they were proven right: the judge had a room in the back filled with the trophies of so many people he had killed, most of them young children. He'd secretly been a serial killer dressed up like a good person.

Horrified, the heroes burned the house. As the flames licked the bodies they stared, hollowed out, and wondered just what they were fighting for when even the "good" people in the world were truly evil.

For the next six weeks Trevor and Sypha traveled the countryside. It's fair to say that the darkness they saw at Lindenfeld left them reeling, but they really didn't have time to move on as at every place they went they discovered more cults trying to resurrect Dracula. None of these groups had the true means to perform the ritual; as Sypha pointed out, they had poorly translated incantations, scraps of magic without the full meaning, so their rituals never would have worked. These cults did, however, cause carnage and strife each time to cropped up.

After defeating one particularly nasty group, a set of cultists who seemed to worship he visage of Death, Trevor and Sypha move to the nearby city of Targoviste, the site where Dracula first unleashed his attack on man. There they found a city racked by the carnage of the Night Creatures, a land plunged into war with the darkness for months, barely able to keep its citizens alive. The problems with Targoviste were two-fold. First was a corrupt government, overseen by the leader of the royal guard, Zamfir. This guardian had little respect for the low citizens of the town, instead more concerned with keeping the supplies flowing to the underground sanctuary of the royal court. Only those that could be trusted were allowed access to the court, and Zamfir was the sole arbiter of this trust and access.

The other major issue at Targoviste were he night creatures, led by two vampires: Varney (a foul-smelling vampire from England) and Ratko (an ancient warrior of immense skill). These two battled Trevor and Sypha more than once and, were it not for the assistance of Zamfir and the guards, the two vampire hunters might have been killed. Zamfir, seeing strength in the heroes, invited them to the inner court. Even with this invitation, though, Trevor and Sypha were wary as they suspected something sinister was going on with Zamfir and the court (more than just ignoring the people on the surface of the town).

Things came to a head in Targoviste after Trevor and Sypha went to the court. There they found people living in fear, of course (as Targoviste was a war zone), but they also saw vast riches amassed in this underground court, piles of treasure that could have been used to feed the needy on the surface. Disgusted, Sypha railed at Zamfir and the other members of the court about the inequality of it all (meanwhile, Trevor picked through the treasure and found a holy relic, a powerful vampire hunting cross, that he assembled because why not). And then war came to the underground court.

The vampires had found their own way in, trailing the humans, and they launched a strike. The Night Creatures poured in and it forced Trevor, Sypha, and Zamfir to battle together to defeat the demons. While Ratko and the Night Creatures were there to kill the humans (following the orders Dracula had laid upon them months ago), Varney had other plans. He was actually interested in a relic hidden in the court and, using the carnage of the battle as cover, he forced his way into the royal chamber and found what he wanted: a magical mirror, a device not only of seeing but also transportation. He made haste and transported himself through, zapping over to the wreckage of Dracula's castle.

The Night Creatures were defeated by Sypha and Trevor but, sadly, Zamfir fell in the battle, a half-mad victim of the war. Half-mad because she'd been protecting the royals but the king and queen had died months early. The only things sitting on their thrones were the dessicated bodies, the last vestiges of the royal line of Targoviste. Zamfir has done her duty even after the duty no longer made sense, and she drove herself mad keeping the secret intact. With Zamfir gone, though, Trevor and Sypha saw the mirror, activated and still showing the way to Dracula's castle ruins. More to the point, though, they also saw that the castle was under attack and that their friend, Alucard, was there, defending it (and the poor people he had there for their own protection).

Alucard and his companion, Greta of Danesti, battled against a power contingent of Night Creatures but they could feel the tide of battle turning. Thankfully for them Trevor and Sypha appeared. With the four heroes united they were easily able to beat back the minions of Hell and save those townspeople still alive. Greta then went to work to aid her people while the other heroes went up into the castle to stop Varney and the dark magics at play.

Due to the actions of those heroes the plan to resurrect Dracula was thwarted and the rebis was destroyed. Varney then revealed himself to be Death and, in a one-on-one fight Trevor was forced to battle the undead super-vampire while the other heroes were stuck on the sidelines, helpless to assist. It seemed that Trevor wouldn't be able to defeat Death but he gave the fight his all, pulling out every trick and willing sacrificing all his power to the fight. It seemed, in the last strike, that both Death and Trevor were defeated at once, a blast of magic wiping them both out, leaving the other heroes forlorn over the death of their friend.

The next day, Alucard and Greta started the process of rebuilding the castle. With Greta's encouragement Alucard agreed to let the townspeople stay on the grounds, building a new town in and around the ruins. Sypha initially elects to leave, saddened at the loss of her lover, Trevor, simply wishing to go find he people, the Speakers, and reunite with them as she grieved. However, as she prepared to leave up rode Trevor. Apparently, in the blast he'd been transported away (thanks to a dying Saint Germain who had a change of heart in his last moments), saving the hero even as the evil super-vampire died. It had taken him time to ride back to the castle, but he made it, bruised and lightly injured from the whole affair.

Reunited, all four planned for the future of the castle and the town that would come.

As depicted in the show, Trevor already has the scar over his eye (one of the modern flourishes Konami has made part of his standard design) but he sadly doesn't go around in a proper leather kilt (apparently leather skirts aren't appropriate vampire-hunter wear anymore). He is a master of combat, proving incredibly good at taking on multiple foes (when not drunk on ale), brandishing his whip (and eventually, the Belmont morning star) with deadly accuracy. Although he doesn't act as heroic as we expect from our Belmont heroes, he certainly proves to be an effective hunter when needed.

Playing as Trevor:

In the main series, Trevor works a lot like Simon. He's a straight fighter, moving left and right, jumping, and attacking with his whip (which can upgrade twice) and sub-weapons. The unique twist of his classic game, Castlevania III, is that Trevor can switch out with one of the three heroes he collects along his journey. Each of these additional heroes have special abilities (Sypha has power magics, Grant the ability to climb walls and stick to the ceiling, and Alucard can turn into a bat and fly), giving the team greater mobility on their journey.

This extra movement through his partners is very useful since Trevor, like Simon, controls like a load of bricks. Trevor is unable to change directions in mid jump, nor can he jump onto or off of stairs (but then, to be fair, neither can his companions -- it just so happens that Grant and Alucard don't necessarily need to take the stairs). Over all, Trevor is one of the least maneuverable Belmonts in the series.

This dynamic between the various team members was directly referenced in "Julius Mode" from the DS Castlevania, Dawn of Sorrow. In that unlockable mode, Julius Belmont has to go after Soma (who has turned to the "dark side" by embracing the Dracula soul within him) to defeat the evil power Soma is threatening to spread across the land. Julius, the Belmont of the game, is the Trevor analog in the mode, with Yoko Belnades filling in for Sypha and Alucard taking on the role of... Alucard. Sadly, there was no Grant analog -- audio clips hidden in the game seem to indicate Hammer, a shopkeep in the game, was to be playable, presumably as the Grant for the team up, but was most likely cut for time.

It is interesting to note that the Fake Trevor in the Zombie Trio controls much like real Trevor (when you're fighting him -- you don't actually get to play as Trevor). He has a version of the whip as well as the holy cross (although it's made of bones in this case, so kind of an "unholy cross"). Note that if Fake Trevor is killed before Fake Sypha, that Sypha will raise the dead man into a weaker zombified form.

As with Simon, Trevor receives a solid makeover in Castlevania: Judgment (well, okay, his moves got a good makeover -- his weird bondage costume left something to be desired). Most of Trevor's new moves were based around his whip -- in many ways, Trevor functions like an alternate costume for Simon. That said, he does play somewhat different -- he's physically stronger but slower, meaning that you have to play him differently than you'd play Simon, taking less risks. Overall, though, Trevor is a solid character once unlocked in the game.

Finally, a version of Trevor (both as Trevor and as Alucard) appeared in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2. In Mirror Trevor is a playable character. He has an improved version of the Combat Cross, his father's weapon, at his disposal. He's also able to use the various sub-weapons as well as tap into Light and Dark magic. He has access to different powers, including the vampiric kind, once he becomes Alucard and the player gets to try those out when playing as Alucard in the later parts of the game.

By Lords of Shadow 2, Alucard has gained new weapons and abilities to be an even more formidable foe. However, in his Trevor form he also appears, albeit at a young age than in Mirror. These visions of Trevor help to guide Dracula on his quest, ensuring the vampire lord doesn't stray from what must be done. Younger Trevor, though, is not a playable character in the games.