Around the Grounds of Castle Dracula

Castle Dracula is often referred to as a "creature of chaos" -- it's an ever-changing building full of twists and turns, demons and monsters, traps and secrets. From game to game the castle is never the same, largely because reusing the same castle over and over again would be boring. Refreshing the castle, though gives the building an air of mystery, that you'll never know quite what to expect when you take up the whip and venture, once more, into the breech.

As much as it changes from game to game, there are still similarities between iterations. Some sections will repeat themselves, making reference to past versions of the castle. Other times levels will fill similar purposes, letting veteran players know how far into the castle they've gotten and just how difficult the game is going to get.

Herein we track the various sections of Castle Dracula and its surrounding grounds, highlighting the major zones of the building and key points of interest in each area. Levels are organized by their standard placement within the castle, grouped together with relative areas to form a cohesive whole.

Outer Grounds

Central Hallways

  • Chapel
  • Colosseum
  • Dance Hall
  • Gallery
  • Grand Hallway
  • Laboratory
  • Library
  • Quarters

Beneath the Castle

  • Battle Arena
  • Catacombs
  • Cavern
  • Cursed Prison
  • Dungeon
  • Ice Cavern
  • Mine
  • Skeleton Cave
  • Treasury
  • Underground Waterway

Atop the High Towers

  • Bridge
  • Castle Keep
  • Clock Tower
  • Machine Tower
  • Outer Wall and Ramparts
  • Tower of Dolls
  • Tower of Fiends

Unusual Zones

  • Abyss
  • Brauner's Paintings
  • Carmilla's Castle
  • Castle of the Cult of Dracula
  • Castles A and B
  • Chaotic Realm
  • Elemental Castles
  • Inverted Castle
  • Mansions of Romania
  • Perils Across Europe
  • Towns of Romania