Lords of Shadow: The Complete ICVD Coverage

In 2010, Konami rebooted the Castlevania franchise, throwing out the old continuity as they handed production of the series to third-party developers MercurySteam. Dubbed Lords of Shadow this new series went back to the early days of the Belmont clan, telling a new story about Gabriel Belmont and his eventual descendants.

With that new game, and the sequels that followed, Konami and MercurySteam explored a very different, much darker world of Castlevania (and that's saying something considering the original series wasn't exactly happy and bright more of the time). It all culminated with Lords of Shadow 2, a climactic last act set in the distant future.

Currently, Konami has no further plans for the Lords of Shadow series. Only time will tell if any of the characters or settings from this subseries will eventually be reused in some capacity down the road (perhaps in some Grimore game).

Series Coverage


Lords of Shadow Continuity

Primary Protagonists

Additional Characters of Note

Primary Antagonists

Area Bosses and Lesser Enemies

  • Abaddon, Beast of the Abyss
  • Daemon Lord, Powerful Castle Guardian
  • Giant Bats, Winged Terrors
  • Golems and Titans, Powerful Guardian Automatons
  • Gravedigger, Cemetery Guardian
  • Keeper of the Void Sword, Sword Guardian
  • Lady of the Crypt, Deceptive Creature
  • Mechanical Monstrosity, Frankenstein's Creature
  • Merman, Fishmen of the Deep
  • Night Watchman, Nighttime Lord
  • Reaver, Evil Being
  • Scarecrow, Lord of Birds
  • Succubus, the Dream Demon
  • Swamp Trolls, Oozing Amphibians
  • Wargs, Howl at the Moon

Additional Villains of Note