Castlevania: Order of Shadows

Game Overview

In the modern world we live in we take it for granted that many games will come out in the various devices we use. Classic games get ported from older systems to our handheld game platforms (such as DSiWare), modern games come out on the cutting-edge home consoles, and even some games get ported over to phones and tablets (or have weird little side-iterations, since as Encore of the Night). The Castevania series has seen its fair share of these ports, which the original game, Castlevania III, the first Kid Dracula, and even Aria of Sorrow seeing mobile-friendly ports for phones (some to varying levels of success).

Completely new games for phones, though, are rare for the Castlevania series. The one completely new game for the series on phones, Order of Shadows didn't exactly set the world on fire when it was released, and for many readers, this may be the first time you've even heard o the game at all.

Developed by Konami Mobile, Order of Shadows follows the adventure of yet another new Belmont, Desmond, as he battls against the titular order to save the lands of Romania. Demonds does this through a simplified Metroidvania game, collecting items, doing a modicum of leveling up, and exploring the fortress of the Order all to stop the great evil from resurrecting Dracula and pluging the land into darkness.

While conceptually a Metroidvania game on mobile phones could work (Aria was ported over, after all), Order of Shadows doesn't work on its one. The game was too simple, too easy for modern fans' tastes, and the graphics and sound weren't up to par for even the more current modern portable titles. Which is weid, since most phones around the time of its release were capable of Game Boy Advance-levels of graphics and processing power, and the Castlevania series saw three respectable releases for that portable system.

In the end while Konami may have had the right idea in trying to make a new Castlevania game for phones, Order of Shadows was not their best effort. We may eventually see a well put together, original Castlevania game for phones (since Konami have emphasized that the mobile market is one of their big priorities), but only time will tell.